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Youth Programs

Youth Elementary

Youth Enrichment offers exceptional recreational and enrichment activities for elementary and secondary students, including; Science, Theater, Arts, Music, Sports and special interests

Youth Secondary

Community Education’s Secondary Youth Development program focuses on offering a wide variety of activities for students in junior and senior high school. Activities listed below are a sampling of programs offered through Secondary Youth Development.

Supporting Academics:
• ACT preparation courses and ACT testing are offered to help students prepare for college entrance exams.
• Music lessons and Forest Lake Ranger Marching Band are offered by licensed teachers.

Encouraging Leadership:
• Make a difference in our community by joining the Youth Service Club! Students participate in leadership development and learn about opportunities to get connected with volunteer projects. Students will have the opportunity to achieve a varsity letter in volunteerism and community service.

Promoting Recreation:
• Golf Leagues and lessons, archery, fencing and other fun activities provide safe and well-supervised opportunities for teens to be active and have fun with friends.

Contact Information

Laurie Drolson
Youth & Adult Programs Coordinator
(651) 982-8334

Jennifer Immel
Elementary Youth Planner
(651) 982-8339

Janet Nutter
Secondary Youth & Adult Programs Planner
(651) 982-8328