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Digital Backpack

Digital Backpack Flyers

Any flyers for the digital backpack will appear below. If there are no flyers below, no flyers are currently in the backpack.

About our Digital Backpack

Welcome to the FLAS Digital Backpack, the district’s central posting place for community flyers.

Forest Lake Area Schools collaborates with non-profit youth-serving organizations within the district to share their program opportunities with students by linking their information to this site. Events must take place within the district and all materials to be posted will be pre-approved. Requests will be sent to the email listed below and information will be posted throughout the school year. Requests will be reviewed according to district guidelines and the decision to post is at the discretion of the District. Information from organizations offering a program in direct conflict with a District activity will not be posted. Forest Lake Area Schools neither endorses nor sponsors the organizations or activities represented here. The Digital Backpack is provided as a community service.

Digital Backpack Non-District Flyer Guidelines

The Director of Community Education oversees Non-District Flyer distribution to students in our schools. If you have materials that fall within the guidelines below, please email your flyer, as an attachment, to this email address: Please call the Community Education office at (651) 982-8110 for further information.

At the discretion of the Director of Community Education, all non-district materials, that are proposed to be shared within the Forest Lake Area School District, will meet the following guidelines:

1. The primary mailing address of the entity proposing to distribute materials and the activity must be located within the school district.

2. The entity requesting permission to distribute materials will be a not-for-profit organization according to the U.S. Internal Revenue Code or non-profit status as determined by the State of Minnesota. This will include FLAS Booster Clubs.

3. The activity will support the goals of the Forest Lake Area School District.

4. The activity will not conflict/compete with school district activities.

5. All content and images on the flyers must be appropriate for elementary age students and cannot violate school district policies and procedures.

6. Flyers cannot be for activities that are solely fundraisers.

7. Flyers will include contact information for the sponsoring organization.

8. The following disclaimer will be printed at the bottom of the material(s), typed in a 12-point bold font size:

These materials were created by (name of sponsoring entity).
This is NOT a Forest Lake Area School District sponsored or endorsed activity.

9. PTA, PTO and PTSA flyers will be submitted to the building principal and approved PTA, PTO and PTSA flyers may be distributed at the discretion of the building principal.

Digital backpack flyers will be uploaded as they are approved.

Should you have any questions about an activity listed in the Digital Backpack, please contact the sponsoring organization.
Please send information to be considered for the Digital Backpack to at least 10 days prior to the posting date.

Digital Backpack Non-District Flyer Guidelines

Email flyers to: