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About Us

When the concept of community education first started in Flint, Michigan in the 1950’s, it had a distinct objective to maximize the use of school facilities and resources for the betterment of the entire community. Forest Lake Area Schools Community Education (FLASCE) has continuously been committed to carrying this concept forward into the delivery of today’s programming and beyond. The FLASCE team strives to be the gold standard when it comes to identifying the educational, recreational and enrichment needs of the community and then safely meeting those needs by providing cost-effective and high quality programs and services.

FLASCE proudly offers opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to enrich their lives with great people and new experiences including athletics and recreation, creative arts, music, business and finance, early childhood and parenting, childcare and much more. It is the FLASCE team’s sincere hope that you connect with classes and programs that meet your lifelong learning and recreational needs. May your Community Education experiences enrich your life and the lives of those around you!

Benefits of Community Ed

Provide safe, accessible learning environments and opportunities for all ages 
Most programs and services are offered in school buildings, which are welcoming and safe spaces located in every community across Minnesota. A wide range of classes are offered with options to meet any interest at any age. Community Education also facilitates the community’s use of school buildings and grounds, maximizing the use of this public asset.

Connect families to school and community resources
Family and parent support is provided through Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) classes, home visits and parent engagement from prenatal to grade 3.

Help prepare children for kindergarten
Whether it’s early childhood screening to identify learning issues or preschool programs of various types, a wide range of early childhood offerings help boost early learning skills to help children enter kindergarten ready for their school experience. This is an important way Community Education helps schools meet one of the state’s World’s Best Workforce goals.

Support working families
School-age care programs offer parents the option of safe, high-quality experiences for their children through before and after-school care programs housed in their schools.

Expand learning beyond the school day
Youth development programs provide students with opportunities to explore interests and develop skills beyond the school curriculum. Engaging youth in leadership and service activities builds strengths and helps mitigate risk-taking behaviors.

Build a qualified workforce
Minnesota’s economy relies on a qualified workforce. Adult Basic Education programs help adults acquire the important skills and qualifications they need to become fully employed, self-sufficient and equipped to participate fully in the community. Ensuring every member of our community is able to work productively helps contribute to a strong overall economy and is increasingly critical as our population ages, leaving fewer workers to fill the jobs available.